Final Fantasy XVI – Update 1.33 erschienen


Square Enix hat Update 1.33 für Final Fantasy XVI veröffentlicht. Die englischen Patchnotes lesen sich folgendermaßen:


  • Color-coding added to custom controller layout button assignments to improve visibility.


The following issues have been addressed:

  • Incorrect enemy hitboxes for certain battle content.
  • Enemies in certain battles not behaving properly under certain conditions.
  • Precision Sic not behaving properly when used in conjunction with certain abilities.
  • Minor, non-lore impacting inconsistencies within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Incorrect information within Vivian’s State of the Realm report.
  • Ability execution on all controller layout types being limited to buttons assigned to Ready Eikonic Abilities (Hold) + Attack / Magic.
  • Certain commands not functioning properly when using a custom controller layout.
  • Minor spelling and grammar mistakes.