The Outer Worlds – Update 1.2 für Switch-Version verfügbar


Obsidian Entertainment lässt uns wissen, dass Update 1.2 für die Switch-Version von The Outer Worlds veröffentlicht wurde. Die englischen Patchnotes lesen sich folgendermaßen:

Features included in this update:

  • Implemented a half-resolution SSAO
  • Implemented Clouds in Skybox
  • Replace SSR with SphereReflectionCapture
  • Disabled subsurface profile shading
  • Added Depth of Field to Conversation Camera

Changes and Fixes included in this update:

  • Limited the max instance count for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Adjusted the volume threshold for sounds to improve CPU performance
  • Packed textures to save memory
  • Optimized materials for the environment and terrain
  • Optimized and added more vegetation to the world
  • Added details to the world buildings
  • Used normal map textures instead of triangles for objects
  • Re-designed some buildings
  • Meshes rebuilt for improved visuals
  • Lightmap texture streaming rebuilt
  • Fixed character AI issues
  • Improved the streaming performance to fix the building dark issues players experienced and some texture blur issues

The Outer Worlds erschien am 25. Oktober 2019 für PS4 und Xbox One. Die Switch-Fassung folgte am 5. Juni.