Gears of War 4 – Mai-Update erschienen


Das Video oben stellt Euch die Inhalte des heute veröffentlichten Mai-Updates für Gears of War 4 vor. Die englischen Patchnotes dazu lesen sich so:

  • Reverted Competitive Gnasher tuning to it’s pre-April Update settings.
  • General improvements to Ranked Lobby
  • Added additional IFF Lights to V-Day Bernie to balance her battlefield visibility with other characters
  • Fixed an issue preventing the Markza Mk. 1 from headshotting
  • Fixed an issue that would result in slow movement speeds if pressing slightly backwards while strafing
  • Significantly reduced the occurrence Zombie Characters say “Braaaaaaaains!”
  • Reduced the amount of Power dropped by destroyed fortifications in Horde
  • Fixed a Horde exploit where the Fabricator could be floated in the air
  • Reduced volume of RAAM’s footsteps
  • Reduced volume of Kantus and Savage Kantus vocals
  • Reduced volume of the headshot sound effects for Kantus, Savage Kantus and RAAM
  • Fixed an issue that prevented some Locust Drone dialogue firing
  • Windows 10: Fixed an issue with mouse sensitivity when Zoom Sensitivity is set to 3.
  • Miscellaneous fixes and improvements
Digger Boomshot
Digger Boomshot

Klar warum nicht. Gamertag ist mein Nick.Diesen Monat kann man ja den Locust Grenadier Elite craften, aber ich finde die Option einfach nicht. Weiß da jemand mehr?


Wer hat Bock auf ne Runde?Werde es gleich mal starten…Buddy’s wir sehen uns