The Outer Worlds – Patch 1.1 ergänzt Community-Wünsche und mehr


Obsidian Entertainment hat Patch 1.1 für The Outer Worlds veröffentlicht. Damit werden u.a. einige Wünsche der Community ergänzt. Die kompletten englischen Patchnotes lesen sich folgendermaßen:

Top Community Requests:

  • The game crashing at a specific point when the player has reached Tartarus has been resolved
  • Toggle to increase the font size (found in the UI tab under Settings). Increases font for conversation text, cinematic subtitles, bark subtitles, and terminal text.


  • Players will no longer experience muffled sounds when playing on the PlayStation 4


  • The Prismatic Hammer has been rebalanced and no longer incorrectly uses the level multiplier as an exponent instead of a multiplier and will no longer do 10s of thousands of points of damage at a higher level. Now deals the damage it should have been dealing all along


  • Existing Botched companion quests will have their status reset to Active allowing the player to add them to a party when leaving the ship in order to un-botch the quests, unless the death occurred prior to unlocking the companion quest
  • Fix for “Radio Free Monarch” where issues would happen when talking to Nayoka while having SAM in your party


  • Foliage on the Xbox One now has parity with the foliage on PlayStation 4
  • The achievement/trophy for “It’s Not the Best Choice” will pop correctly
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